The Quilt is coming around


Indigo Ribbon Month

Indigo Ribbon Month is right around the corner, some exciting situations are happening this year.


The Indigo Ribbon Quilt is being sent around, it’s already happening or soon will be. It’s being sent around in a spiritual fashion, so those who have never seen the quilt, or heard the stories might just have the quilt end up in your spiritual or other situations.


Share your stories with the quilt, or post a comment with your stories, and this way it can be added. By November all your stories should be updated, and November 23 is Indigo Ribbon Day. Starting a little bit earlier this year, there is more awareness and there are more Targeted Individuals, so this way it can support more individuals. Usually the campaign goes from Oct 23, as an early start, up to November 23, and through November we do things as a community to draw attention to the cause.

The Call Center

The Call Center is not taking calls for Indigo Ribbon, they are taking calls, so if you have a question about the official campaign or how to take part, you can request to speak to someone, or have find out more information. Just request to speak to someone from the about the Indigo Ribbon campaign, have your unique identifiers handy.


Remember we are on Twitter our actual Twitter link is IndigoRibbons. You can follow along, but mostly stay updated via the website, quilt, and other locations.


The links are being updated with the new stories, the first few are out today.


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