Quips and Quotes

QuipsandQuoteBook QuipsandQuoteBook $14.36

This is the kind of book that you take outside with you on a sunny day. Sit down in a quite secluded spot, enjoy and just reflect upon.

Think about all the things that you have been missing in your life. Write them down. Meditate upon them. Savor the stillness.

It’s a short titillating work, of quips and quotes that will revive your spirit, give you a smirk here and there, and hopefully leave you feeling just a little uplifted.

It has some quips and quotes about the things that I missed, specifically my writing. I hope my mini musings will give you some inspiration to get in touch with the things that you are also missing.

Also at Amazon.com $17.96 The Book is also available at Amazon and other fine locations.

Indigo Ribbon Products

IndigoRibbonnecklaceIndigo Ribbon necklace

Targeted Individuals
Necklace Square,

This wonderful square necklace is
a nice change and is so wonderful
for Targeted Individuals.

It’s reflective of us, who we are,
how we feel and how we function.

Support for Targeted Individuals

Light For Those In The Dark

Indigo Ribbon Notebook

Targeted Individuals

I Survived Notepad

I Survived

(The message is short sweet and elegant,
and reflective of Targeted Individuals.)

Notebook. I Survived


Don'tBendDon'tBreakButton Targeted Individuals
Don’t Bend Don’t BreakButton Targeted Individuals

Don’t Bend, Don’t Break Button.

(The message is one of hope and continence.
Short sweet and elegant,
and reflective of Targeted Individuals.)

Remember It’s Indigo Ribbon Month, it’s right around the corner, so support the efforts. New Products and Services arriving soon.

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