Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

In Indigod Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

With love and respect, the month is here, it’s off to a suitable start.


This year the quilt was sent around early, and hopefully you have had a chance to add yourself and your story to the quilt, if not you will have opportunity later this month.

Indigo Ribbon Month

The Indigo Ribbon Campaign is off to a wonderful start, in conjunction with The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, the month is off to a great start. If you received a spiritual based delivery in accordance with Indigo Ribbon Month, then the month is off to a great start, and that was in conjunction with www.Indigoribbon.com and www.gangstalkingworld.com and www.TheRoyalQueenAuthorityFinancialSystem.com

Sharing your stories

Thank you all for sharing your stories, in advance, and if you have any new stories to share, please drop them off at www.IndigoRibbon.com. The stories are posted under the quilt section.

The Store

Some of the New Indigo Ribbon Month items are up and working. If you are interested in getting some Indigo Ribbon Month items, please drop by the www.zazzle.com/indigoribbon store.

Calls and inquiries

The Call Center is taking calls and inquires for the rest of the month, so if you have any questions or require information just visit the call center, at www.thecallcenter.ca or just verbally outloud request to be in touch with the call center in regards to Indigo Ribbon Month. or go to www.indigoribbon.com The Call Center is answering the call.

The Month is off to a good start. Take care in advance.


One thought on “Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

  1. Hi, I am targeted since I was born and all my family. And, all my actions to buy some objects from this site, make copies of some papers about what I use to live, spread some information about TIs or indigo ribbon, are blocked.

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