Indigo Lights

We hope to have many events over the next year. The main events we hope to have include an Indigo candlelight vigil in remembrance and recognition of Targeted Individuals.

The idea is to try to have a candle lighting session, with Indigo candles. (Not mandatory, but preferred.) Where we read out names and stories of Targeted Individuals. People need to understand what is happening, and what they are contributing to.

At the very least it’s a way to tell the stories and share with ourselves and others what is happening. The date is to be determined. Hopefully by Late Spring, or late Summer. The date is still to be Determined.

Indigo Quilt

Over the next year this site in conjunction with any and all other Indigo Ribbon sites hopes to create in Indigo Quilt in recognition and remembrance of Targeted Individuals who are no longer here with us, who have been incarcerated, who are missing, or who have been institutionalised.

The Indigo Quilt can be an online or an offline quilt. It will basically stand as a remembrance of Targeted Individuals and the Struggles that they have gone through. I think the quilt should recognise current targets as well as historical targets. Being targeted by the state is nothing new, and this time period is no exception to the rule.

The quilt just like the A.I.D.S. quilt will serve as a remembrance, and will again help bring awareness about what is happening across the globe to Targeted Individuals.

The date is to be determined, but will hopefully happen for fall. The offline version of the quilt, can be passed around to different cities. The online version of the quilt can be shared with many other websites.


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