Indigo Ribbon Faq

What is the the IRC?

The Indigo Ribbon Campaign is an effort by Targeted Individuals and their supporters to spread awareness about their plight. The Campaign relies on the support of the Targeted Individual community, and their supporters in getting the word out. The campaign seeks to bring global awareness about what is happening to these individuals.

How did the IRC get started?

The Indigo Ribbon Campaign was organized in an effort to give all Targeted Individuals a voice. It’s meant to be a safe, coordinated effort, to unite targets and give them a unified symbol of hope. The campaign has online as well as offline components.

What is Indigo Ribbon Day?

It is meant to be a year round awareness campaign, with all efforts concentrated on Indigo Ribbon Day. In future we hope to have events and conferences celebrating our efforts of the previous year. IRC Day is November 23.

Goals of the IRC?

Raising awareness about TI’s. Raising awareness about the unique challenges they face. Garnering support for TI’s and their cause. Finding a solution to end much of the targeting that is actively ongoing.

What does it mean to wear an Indigo Ribbon?

Wearing the Indigo ribbon is a sign of Infinity and Unity. The Ribbons gives us a chance to own our experience, without the fear and public stigma that usually comes with being a Targeted Individual. Wearing the ribbon is a sign of support, solidarity, and hope amongst Targeted Individuals and their supporters.

Indigo Ribbon Faq

What you can do to help?

You can Volunteer to help us spread the word. We need people to assist with our online efforts and offline efforts. We need people in every city, state, province, country. Wherever TI’s can be found.

We are looking for Volunteers who are interested in posting this information on forums, online news sites, blogs, etc. We need offline volunteers who can post flyer’s, email, fax, write to newspapers, radio stations, magazines. We also need individuals and groups who are willing to start their own Indigo Ribbon Campaigns, to help bring awareness of what is happening.

Who can wear an Indigo Ribbon?

Anyone wishing to bring awareness to the plight of Targeted Individuals, or anyone wishing to show support and solidarity with TI’s.

Who is responsible for the idea behind the IRC?

The IRC was the brain child a Targeted Individual who wanted a safe, effective, individual way for targets to get involved with their own cause.

Why a Ribbon Campaign?

The ribbon campaign is easy. Targets can run the campaign from any country. Individuals can get involved very easily. There are no offline meetings necessary to become a part of the IRC, or to start your own Indigo Ribbon Campaign.

What do the acronyms IRC and TI stand?

IRC stands for Indigo Ribbon Campaign, and TI stands for Targeted Individuals.


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