Im a 36 year old man and a target of incitement. “Don’t bend, don’t break” has become my core attitude and I encourage all innocent targets to adopt this mind set..right now. Just do it. I’ll share a story. May it serve as a reminder – always cultivate pause between stimulous and response – this is vital.

First, let it be known – In order to keep her truth concealed, my own mother painted me out to be a threat..the type of person who should be treated like a child abuser or worse. Nothing could be further from the truth. No act of projection could be so evil.

I lease a mining claim. There’s a few other claims behind the gate where my mining claim is located and during the first year I made “friends” with some neighboring claim owners. For a short while the “friendship” seemed normal until, like every other relationship in my life, the gaslighting started and I distanced myself. One evening as i was opening the gate I heard three gunshots and yelling coming from said neighboring claim owners camp. I yelled down it was me and to stop shooting. I got back into my vehicle and as Im driving pass their claim(on an easement road) I see someone running toward me with a flashlight, yelling, like yosemite sam on a whiskey drunk. I stopped my vehicle cause I wasn’t sure what was going on and the next thing I know my former “friend” is pointing a gun in my face, egging me to get out of my vehicle. I stayed calm because thats what I do, thats who I am. About this time I saw his wife pass through my field of vision(my headlights) fidgiting with something near her beltline..where she kept her pistol. Had I stepped out of my vehicle onto their property I wouldnt be here today…and still, I’m treated like a threat. SDRAWKCAB SI GNIHTYREVE. Only one thing is certain – I WILL NEVER BREAK.


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