Hi I have became a targarted individual after unearthing a peodophile ring involving proffessionals in the uk . I have been given a diagnosis off a delusional disorder by a corrupt German psychiatrist in my home city liverpool. I was at university at the time studying fora degree in mental health. 24/7 my 11 years old daughter and I are under surveillance everywhere I go they get in my home go through our underclothes it makes me sick to the stomach. I am so glad to no I’m not the only one going through this and would love to become a volunteer and speak to others who are going through psychological torture 24/7 with no one to turn too. I want to highlight this gangstalking world and expose those corrupt who hide behind their professions using these tactics to silence their victims. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED I WILL CONTINUE To LIVE MY LIFE I WON’T BEND OR BREAk because that ill allow this scum to continue they should be stripped of their proffession and EXPOSED!


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