if i fully write my start to finish story they said out loud it will never reach a soul, i’m thinking of doing it anyway but for now i’ll just say this, my situation started after a 3year relationship with my gf went bad, she cheated on me with one of my very good friends or at least that is what i thought. one of i’d say 20 really good friends. it was for the first time in my life an awakening of who and what kind of people some of them were as they secretly taunted me over it to my face to the day we fought about it.(only some not all of course) as if the world isn’t aloud to fight narcs when they put there dicks in things they aren’t supposed to lol. (least this is what i think happened here now) either way the lines were drawn then, everyone got bullied and picked off into helping push me into a brink of insanity and fear. they chose to help or they just didn’t hang out anymore. maybe lies to them about what was really happening.(i don’t know or think anyone realized that i was hearing voices at one point either) i personally was confused at what was happening. outside of trying to find the person who my gf was cheating on me with i had no clue. all of sudden i had this dude i droped off from work know where i lived as i was taking him home. and one friend in perticular started droping hints and mumbling stuff at me. i slaped him the day he did and everyone jumped up that was there and kinda pushed him to run away. no one asked why? weird. obviously was a set up but why the fuck was my relationship there business? only think i can think of now is i was getting the few narcs in the group nervous, and if i had cops on me it was for no good reasons lol. the reality was they never had a dang thing they could arrest me for, i wasn’t really guilty of anything other then knowing who they were and it wasn’t cause i wanted to know, it was cause they wanted me to know. (as i look back now i am thinking maybe they thought i was selling weed, reality was ..i wasn’t. it might of looked like it to some of my friends and the narcs, but i never sold a gram lol) it’s probably important for me to say these weren’t just acquaintances, these were friends i grew up with since the age of 10years old and this started at the age of 21. i spent every day of my life with them, every day all day for those 11years. and they were all forced to help, for most part now that i think of it i might of been blocked from most of my friends and only pushed to chill with those willing to do the deeds.(remember i’m already hearing them talking by now as well) if you read the thread i linked it is exactly …exactly what they are doing to me and the reasons why, how and where and what are in there and with the little i’ve already said you can pretty much take a full picture of the issue at hand. http://whatreallyhap…i/Gang_Stalking you might say it’s all your fault …but you can’t say it’s a lie. i won’t lose 13+years of my life to infinite and when i do open up and tell the world about what they are doing have people say it’s not even happening.

there is tons more to even that story, and it goes on from there. from someone i cheated on her with cause at the time i thought she was cheating on me, to when they brought it to her attention that i was fuking someone else. that was the day i slaped my friend for talking shit, then he ran home he got my other friend who was the one cheating on her with and we fought, of course cops came ..only 2 times in our life they ever showed up there in 10years of playing there day and night. asks me why we fought for i guess the record. i think they were trying to weed out the reason i’m acting funny towards them being narcs when it was always about my gf cheating or me thinking she was. she came after the fight and started yelling at me and the girl i was cheating on her with. lol. why she made if she was cheating? maybe she wasn’t? i still don’t understand what the fuck happened. they was weeding out everything and everyone in my life. is funny cause the main lackeys that were the ones screwing with me in the end was really the one that hooked me up with the girl, i felt like he knew it to be true that she was cheating. i dumped her one day cause i was at motor vehicle and someone was there i knew >< (they were still picking off names of people, and i had 2 people in charge of me that disapeared during this parts, they still droped me back off home after we went to burgerking lol) anyway i said fuk it i’ma not join?, they eventually had the recruit i was working with come to my job and ask me what’s up they ready for you or whatever. i said fuk it i change my mind. at that point i realized it was a huge mistake and my heart would never be in helping kill people for things i don’t know about or believe in. and that is the one thing in my life i’m glad they did. (though i think maybe just maybe it would of at least ended by now, or at least i’d have been trained to hunt there asses myself lol, or erm dead)

this turned into a huge story lol. it’s not even close to a full story. every day, every night, since 1999, i was on phone with one of there lackies even when 911 happened. and i had mind reading twats in my house …to this day i still wonder why they killed bin laden over capturing him to at least read the fukers mind or least not put a hole right in his brain. but i guess they know what they are doing. they sure as hell did a number on my brain ..and life. anyway though right?

this will be the end of my story. it’s a lot already into my life. it is far from the full story, it has been 13years and going. like i said i’m far from crazy. maybe driven mad. truthfully at this point i think there is only one thing they are doing and it’s trying to kill me. this is a fact. fuk them, and it sucks the world around them are scared of them. my last 2 months i have been getting very strong and hard panic attacks. (why i’m working out but they still are happening) felt like my heart gonna explode, this happened every nite when lay in bed. i’ve managed to control them and they have stoped. but in back of head it’s a huge worry.

i don’t know if i’m alone in this, or if others are out there. tell your stories. lets get this out. guilty of crimes or not. this is beyond arresting someone. this is torture. this is murder. this is wrong. and no one in the world truly knows outside those who are the problem. if this was about arresting me i could of murdered, drugs, or whatever else my brain can come up with while they are already in action screwing with me and pushing me to where they want me to go) and been released by now. it’s about control, it’s about power, it’s about munipulation of the world, it’s people and our minds. it’s about people who think they own us like cattle. they DO NOT own us. there are rappists and murders and everything else in the world coming in and out of prisons and i’m still hear being forced to not live my life. why?

there is so so much more to this story, i left out a lot, the mind reading alone probably has most thinking i’m nuts or sick. i’m not. there tecnology is much better in these fields then what they are showing. this is a fact for any and all tecnology. it’s shelved, it’s used for war, it’s kept secret and worked on secretly.i mean there may be funding for stuff but behind the scenes they don’t have to worry bout money. there are even real news about eventually being able to take from the mind reading and also put pictures into it. and they use dinky helmets lol, they are so far from helmets. it’s a fact. it’s not fiction. and they use it all with gangstalking. so if you take anything from this then don’t call me crazy, call me a victim of long term electonic and gang stalking surveliance. 13years. but i’m not crazy enough to be making any of this up. thank you for reading.

gonna add some more to the story here, for one, at one point the voices said this verbatum, “maybe your dead” and was trying to convince me that maybe im not even alive and in the world of the living? i spent a hand full of years confused as crap about this. they also used a hologram once of a foot or 2 long sized jesus in my room. i wake up and there it is by my wall in my room.

gonna add some of the type of things that were happening to me. for one i’m positive in my situation it’s our own goverment that is doing it, or people from there has listed me into it. they have very high tec they are using. for one when black outs or power is totally off they still talking. like when sandy power down ..they still talking shit. it’s in my car, everywhere they have followed me, underwater, forests, cities i just go to, just to see.

they followed me to a empty locked up park/forest voices were still happening and then they popped up 5 of them with the same type of light in there hands, was green or blue. they walked in straight line, like a row of 5 like a cult walking not people just normal walking and they start laughing and then lights out and they disappeared into the dark. they weren’t kids or some shit. i didn’t leave the park for hours.

they have tried to talk me into suicide once, a second time i went to buy Tylenol for toothache and the guy behind me then says why don’t you take the whole bottle. when i typed this few days ago on another thread, few days later when i was out they repeated saying it though i didn’t buy Tylenol that day.

hmm lets see what else. they talk in multiple facets. the micro waves, microphones, the speakers from my tv’s and headsets from pc/speakers. like if i’m watching a movie on vlc i can hit pause and that voice will stop but they will keep talking crap on the outside mics.i can have many things on and they can all be talking or doing something. in some cases i can rewind and play and it’s exactly the same thing they are saying or same sounds to the tee. mosly microwave is when i’m around family though some and alot of it is out loud to embarrassed me or my family. least that is what i think or thought, but i’m told they can’t hear it. i can’t even think the chicken is a bit dry without them literally saying it out loud to them like assholes. this stuff is everyday 24/7/365. if i go to say block buster or gamestop there tv’s have voices in them. least the ones i go to regularly. it feels like if i go places they aren’t ready for it can take longer to hear voices, so it might need people to come near me. not sure. when i’m back in shape i plan on buying a cam corder and living my life and i will be recording everywhere i go.

been to clubs and they use the microwave on me and i’m hearing them when i can’t even hear my friends barely when they right next to me talking. i went scuba diving once and ..yep deep in the ocean they are talking to me ..not a worry about my life or safety. bathtubs underwater and stuff they can talk. i been doing a little homework and it seems that these wave tecnology can hit the bottom of oceans and talk to submarines. someone else told me they were talking deep in a cave that he went to try and hid in, i’ve yet to try this. but they have followed me to vacations in other countries, at my grandma’s house in italy ..24/7 for the summer, but outside it was silent usually but i was a nuttcase. lol, the first second i was close to the city i was to live in for the summer, i was in the car and they started to talk finally as people were looking at me in the city streets. they used my grandfathers voice or asked him to repeat to me, No good, i had a very awesome memory of him saying Very good in a funny way, he used to say that a lot. but in the car ride he or in his voice but not in the same funny way said No good. was kinda heartbreaking, and now he passed away this year before really knowing if they even had a clue to what was going on or not. but i’m possitive they had there story given to them. or least can see there was something wrong with me compared to any other times. /end on this story. oh i went to church and the guy sat me down i got there when most were already sat down and not to many seats. but in the middle of church at one point the lady next to me whispers, your bad. wtf. and fuk you. can’t wait for there judgement on the real. guess people think cause it’s a job it makes them safe from eternally burning.

my main problems right now is every time i am sleepy and ready for sleep past 2 months my heart goes into a huge panic attack. feels like i’ma explode. i’ve learned to manage it and is happening less but i can’t tell if it’s them or just my health from being locked up like a prisoner for 13years. but for sure when it happens they start talking even more, and making sounds to try and advance it even more. they try to remind me about it when i’m not thinking about it too. they are literally trying to kill me.

not even sure if i’m on the real internet some times, like now. or if they are ghosting it offline from there pc and make it look like i’m online? if this is possible yes? once they hacked my old pc and did this matrix gag. screen went black and it talked a line from the matrix movie, then they manually opened my disk drive. i closed it and they opened it again. once i was playing a mmo, a mmo ..massive multiplayer online game. we get to a dungeon area with like 40+ real people and right as we enter to fight it, the screen loads us out of the fight instead of in, and everyone was talking like we just spent the hour or so that it would of took to win the fight like we just finished and won the battle. i was like huh, we didn’t even enter? but people kept talking like we just win the fight and everyone left like it was over. wtf?!?!

tons of stories like this. mostly it’s just talking and making me feel really lousy all day. trying to keep me worried. since i started finding out more this past few weeks it’s felt like its gotten worse even though it felt like they were easing up on me at one point. didn’t know about gangstalking or mind control tactics, and i surely didn’t realize there were this many people going threw stuff that are similar. it’s good to know your not alone, but at same time now i feel way more hopeless. at first i thought maybe it could end or i can win a fight against them but it seems like it’s for sure what was in the back of my head, they are just trying to kill me slowly while my family don’t know the half of what they are doing. so now i’ve come out, am gonna make sure everyone i know knows what is happening to me, they can lie to my face that is fine, but the whole world will know it, there is no hding this until i’m dead, there lives have flourished while mine has been destroyed and for no good reasons. lost the best years of my life, for no reasons.

like this week i was thinking about talking about the voices that they don’t hear and they started talking way more out loud and my mom did some little on Que talk that went kinda like, oh you thought you was only you.. but most of the time it isn’t out loud. then they did a hearing aid type talking in her ear like a narc. that came off her body when she was closer to me. they are trying to silence me. and keep me where i’m at. personally the only reason it’s not worse is probably because i do sit home and don’t go out any more. but i’m tired of sitting in this jail cell. there are murderers, rappists and many other bad people coming in and out of prisons and i’m still being tortured for 13years straight for nothing. absolutely no good dang reason enough to have stolen my life from me. i don’t deserve it and quit frankly i don’t think any human on the face of the earth deserves this type of treatment. they should pay for there crimes on humanity, there war crimes to the world and this country. they should pay, not me. thank you for listening.

they have been on my case since 1999, they made me look like a nut job. they stole my friends and family. they all help or ran off to get away from it. or was pushed away with lies and manipulation. they eventually were using microphones in my home not to just listen but talk. they speak everyday now. they talk at my work and drove me to a brink of insanity. i quit my jobs. i not have worked now in over 8+ years, my health is horrifyingly bad now, i just sit home, i can’t shovel snow without being winded and ready to pass out. (maybe i should at least exercise so i can be healthy enough to see there end, i let them win, don’t do the same. it is a long path back now if i can deal with there insesive public tortures. i didn’t truly understand what was happening.Update: am now working out) it’s a very very long 13+year and ongoing story. the cops are involved, the goverment is involved, and i really don’t see a way of stopping it. has anyone actually gone threw this stuff and finally got it to end?

they are doing mind control tactics, sounds, noises, clicks, ear thumping sounds. (Update: lately they are doing this ear thumping sound a lot, it’s really pounds at my right ear) talking when you trying to sleep. and most won’t believe this part of my story but they are reading minds too, some might call this schizophrenia, but i’m not one. this is the only part of my story that might differ from the rest or is it? any others know they are doing this too or are they just really that good at making you think so? either way it needs to stop. if i was a skitzo then it would of started at the start of these problems since you don’t get it at the age of 30’s from what i’ve read. plus tons of people in my situation that have tried the drugs to realize the voices are still there, cause it’s not the disease. i have bought dixie hemp dew drops CBD. am taking that and they say it’s a non harmful thing to take and might help with skitzo and other stuff, at most it’s a good supplement for vitamins lol. but anyway that doesn’t help so far, been taking it a few days now. but i’m lets say possitive that i’m not, and most of you that aren’t in denial would agree if you red this whole story so far. only other possibility is that i am skizo and people didn’t know and helped my situation get worse, pushed it into a nightmare instead of helping it when it was in it’s early stages. but again i am only talking about this cause that is what a lot of people still think when reading this story. i’m not diseased or sick, this is a fact. it is a fact that i’m being tortured, fact that others have gained from my missfortunes and loss of freedome and life. these are the facts.


pass the word around. make it known. everyone has the right to know. i personally have no idea if my next day is my last, i fear for my life from these people. i fear for my health, i fear for my family in even talking to them at this point about this site cause i’m worried they will start to do the same to them but i’ve came out.. i’m stuck and fuked, but this is your futures. help our futures if not me. help before it is too late. just think about it all, even if you don’t believe it, you can believe that one day in what? the next 5-10 years tops we will have mind reading stuff, even if i say it’s out now and many others do as well. you really think it’s gonna be used for good? used to remove corruption from our goverment? naaa they already going hardcore on our rights, destroying our constitution, destroying families for such little fucking things. this world is hopelessly fucked if we don’t stop them from doing this stuff. it’s gonna get worse not better. thank you. and God bless.


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    • …😥…I have been a TI for approx. 3 years. My experiences of being a TI are mostly “The Takedown of my Character and the Integrity of my Family” In Society. Being phone tapped, computer monitored, randomly snubbed In public, disregarded by local police due to stories they heard from the take down process, harassed through CPS by vengeful family members who loved me dearly one day, and hated me the next. I’ve lost my friends, All my family except my three young children who are unfortunately learning much too early, (10, 8, and 6) all to quickly the Evil & Uncertainty of their world. This description BARELY touches upon the horrors we’ve been through. Although I am the intended target, My children suffer just as much. And for that alone, I will fight this Undetectable, hushed evil to the death of everyone Who is involved in the cruelest inhumane social torture

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