Mom and Dad

I recently became aware that the name for what I have been experiencing since 2003 and most likely before that, was a Targeted Individual. I filed a grievance against the ompany I was working for at that time and ever since that then my life has been Hell. My husband, children, siblings, and friends are either a part of this or are under a gag order. My Dad worked for the government and many of my relatives were involved with unions, therefore I am thinking that my early adult traumas stemmed from these ties. What happened in 2003, I need to be careful as to the level of top secrecy that has surrounded me. Thank you all so much for validating my sanity. I have No One in my life that I can trust, so you can see the level of power that I am up against. One note, if one of you has the ability to link “victim search” to TI information, that would be great. I kept trying to find info for victims and got no help. The mafia and money and Congress are involved, so spread the word. And be careful. Submit anonymous tips to the FBI, CIA, Justice Department with CC’s and most importantly to the Securities Exchange Commission. This is all about money and power. But remember, what we have is self esteem, that is what they lack, and that is why they want the POWER. It makes them feel good.


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