😥…I have been a TI for approx. 3 years. My experiences of being a TI are mostly “The Takedown of my Character and the Integrity of my Family” In Society. Being phone tapped, computer monitored, randomly snubbed In public, disregarded by local police due to stories they heard from the take down process, harassed through CPS by vengeful family members who loved me dearly one day, and hated me the next. I’ve lost my friends, All my family except my three young children who are unfortunately learning much too early, (10, 8, and 6) all to quickly the Evil & Uncertainty of their world. This description BARELY touches upon the horrors we’ve been through. Although I am the intended target, My children suffer just as much. And for that alone, I will fight this Undetectable, hushed evil to the death of everyone Who is involved in the cruelest inhumane social torture


One thought on “TiaBDia

  1. This person is not the victim, but the perpetrator…. We are her victims. The ones who cared, believed, and helped her as she was so misunderstood… I was a friend, I was family… I watched her abusive behavior and looked the other way. I felt her abuse on me… She played me like a fiddle and simply disregarded me to cover up her bad behavior… Her physical abuse, her mental abuse is criminal. She robbed me blind. In every way.

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