Indigo Ribbon Month

Indigo Ribbon Month It’s Indigo Ribbon Month. Remember to submit your stories to and check out the twitter at November is Indigo Ribbon Month, this year we celebrate. The campaign is there in advance. The Day is November 23, 2014. Stories I see that a few people submitted their stories in advance, and […]

Indigo Ribbon Day a sucess

Happy Indigo Ribbon Day, Tomorrow is November 23, Indigo Ribbon Day, and this year targets we have come a long way. Our information is out there. Mentions here and there about Indigo Ribbon Month, our campaigns are going well, and this year there is real reason to celebrate, there is just more support for Targeted […]

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month With love and respect, the month is here, it’s off to a suitable start. Quilt This year the quilt was sent around early, and hopefully you have had a chance to add yourself and your story to the quilt, if not you will have opportunity later this month. Indigo Ribbon Month […]

In Acknowledgement In Remembrance In Celebration In Testament In Support

The New Buttons and other Indigo Ribbon items will be available at the zazzle store soon. In Acknowledgement In Remembrance In Celebration In Testament In Support In Acknowledgment of the things or experiences we have been through, they did happen, and they were real. In Remembrance of things past, things that have happened, and […]

Indigo Ribbon Month

Indigo Ribbon Month Remember to submit your stories to and check out the twitter at The Stories are there in advance. November is Indigo Ribbon Month, it is literally just right around the corner, and hopefully this year, we can get a head start, or a jump on the month and the day, […]


Indigo Ribbon Collaboration For November this year the main theme seems to be ballons! However you can still use the Indigo Ribbons, the Indigo Quilt is still operational, Indigo Lights, as previously suggested on the original site, and initiatives. This year,, and The Royal Queen Authority Fiancial System, have joined forces to help […]

Indigo Ribbon Store

Indigo Ribbon Month Just in time for Indigo Ribbon Month. The Indigo Ribbon Store. A store in support of Targeted Individuals and Indigo Ribbon Initiatives. The store is there and designed to raise awareness to and of the plight of Targeted Individuals. Exposure and awareness is the key to bringing and raising awareness to the […]

Indigo Ballons

Indigo Ballons This year for Indigo Ribbon Month, keep an eye out for them. This year the theme is Indigo Ballons, all across the city that you are located, keep an eye out for the Indigo Ballons. They are supporting Targeted Individuals, and they are coming to a city near you. Taking Part To take […]

November is Indigo Ribbon Month

It’s that time of the year again, Indigo Ribbon Month is almost upon us, and it’s time for Targeted Individuals everywhere to unite, and raise awareness to the plight of Targeted Individuals, and the issues relating to the items faced by targets everywhere. Every year we encourage targets to either light an indigo candle, or […]

Welcome To Indigo Ribbon

Welcome to Indigo Ribbon. We hope that the Indigo Ribbon Campaign will be used to provide hope to Targeted Individuals who have not been able to find an outlet. This Ribbon Campaign is meant to be a voice to the many innocent targets of state run, or Government campaigns. The idea behind the campaign is […]