The Quilt is coming around

Indigo Ribbon Month Indigo Ribbon Month is right around the corner, some exciting situations are happening this year. Quilt The Indigo Ribbon Quilt is being sent around, it’s already happening or soon will be. It’s being sent around in a spiritual fashion, so those who have never seen the quilt, or heard the stories might […]


Indigo Ribbon Collaboration For November this year the main theme seems to be ballons! However you can still use the Indigo Ribbons, the Indigo Quilt is still operational, Indigo Lights, as previously suggested on the original site, and initiatives. This year,, and The Royal Queen Authority Fiancial System, have joined forces to help […]

November is Indigo Ribbon Month

It’s that time of the year again, Indigo Ribbon Month is almost upon us, and it’s time for Targeted Individuals everywhere to unite, and raise awareness to the plight of Targeted Individuals, and the issues relating to the items faced by targets everywhere. Every year we encourage targets to either light an indigo candle, or […]