How can you get involved online?

Blog about the Indigo Ribbon Campaign:

You can share the information about the IRC on your website blog. This is a good way to let others know about the cause and find out more information.

Post on Forums:

You can spread the word on forums and other locations. Let people know what the Indigo Ribbon represents and why it’s important to Targeted Individuals. The more awareness we can bring the better.

Spread the word via email:

You can spread the word via email. You can email friends, family. You can email news sites, information sites, other awareness sites that list ribbon campaigns.

Post your IRC on youtube:

If you have the ability to make a youtube video, you can share your Indigo Ribbon campaign efforts with everyone else.

Podcast the information:

Share it in your podcast. The more people that we can reach the better.

Share at your next conference call:

During your next conference call you can share information about the Indigo Ribbon campaign, and it’s efforts to bring awareness about the plight of Targeted Individuals.

Online News sites:

Email or post to online news sites. Let them know about what is happening. See if they will include information in their next publication or ezine.

How to get involved offline.

Start your very own Indigo Ribbon Campaign:

Ribbon Campaigns are easy and effective. They are a great way to get involved with offline efforts to spread the word about the Indigo Ribbon Campaign. You can either form a local group, or do it on an individual basis. Indigo Ribbons can be handed out with or without information materials.

Phone and Fax other organizations:

Contact other organizations offline that might be able to assist Targeted Individuals. Support centers, crisis centers. You can phone and forward them the information via fax.

Contact your local politicians:

Write to your local politician and see if they will support your local effort to raise awareness about the Indigo Ribbon Campaign and your efforts to raise awareness about Targeted Individuals.

Hand out flyer’s:

Hand out flyer’s. Let people know that there is an ongoing effort to bring awareness about the plight of Targeted Individuals.

Contact Newspapers and Magazines:

Contact local newspapers and magazines. See if you can get a small article printed about the Indigo Ribbon Awareness Campaign.

Contact Local Radio Stations:

Contact local radio stations. See if they will mention your cause on their show.


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